5 of the Hottest Jobs in IT

The IT industry has been a high demand sector with respect to job growth for well over a decade now. Since the beginning of the high-tech boom in the late nineties, almost anyone with a background and education in information technology was guaranteed not only a job, but a well-paying one at that. However, the … Continue reading “5 of the Hottest Jobs in IT”

The IT industry has been a high demand sector with respect to job growth for well over a decade now. Since the beginning of the high-tech boom in the late nineties, almost anyone with a background and education in information technology was guaranteed not only a job, but a well-paying one at that. However, the growth and expansion of the IT industry is much like a plant growing in all different directions.

Recruiting and hiring in the IT industry is in a constant state of flux as well. Thus, it’s extremely important for employers in the IT sector to protect themselves from a legal standpoint. Unfortunately, recruiting in the IT industry isn’t as simple as a handshake and a hire. Instead, things like employment contracts and consulting contracts must be acquired and ready for use when the time comes. That way, when you’re recruiting for one of the five hottest jobs in IT, you’ll be primed and ready for anything that comes your way.

The following is a list of the top five jobs in IT, as well as some essential knowledge on successfully filling them:

Systems Administrator: The systems administrator’s job is to essentially ensure that the hardware and software being used by a business is running smoothly. When anything goes wrong, the systems administrator is the go to person for fixing it.

Since there is a managerial component to the job, three to five years of work experience is usually required. Educational requirements depend on the company and range from small IT technical certifications to and IT-related bachelor’s degree.

Administration is the main focus of this job. Keep administration in mind if and when negotiating an employment or consulting contract for a Systems Administrator.

Enterprise Architect: An Enterprise Architect essentially takes the System Administrator’s job to the next level. However, instead of administrating the system already in place, the Enterprise Architect designs the system so that it adheres to the company’s business goals.

Because this job utilizes such a strategic nature, the education requirements range from a BS to MS to MBA to PhD, and are usually dependent on the company.

Due to the educational background required for this job, someone who already has the education and skill set maintains a an advantage when negotiating a consulting or employment contract with any given company.

Windows Administrator: The Windows Administrator is a position that entails ensuring that all aspects of the network are running smoothly. Thus, security, user access, network troubleshooting, and managing all Windows operating systems is a daily requirement.

The minimum required education level is a two-year degree in computer science, as well as a basic knowledge of the Windows server for this job.

As always, the more knowledge and experience the candidate has, the more power he or she will maintain when negotiating consulting contracts and employment contracts.

Program Manager: The program manager’s job is to ensure that an entire group of related projects is meeting the broader goals of the company. Like the Enterprise Architect position, strategic stills are necessary.

Because the Program Manager position is so involved, a degree in computer science along with an MBA is usually required to fill it.

When negotiating for this position, make sure that your consulting contracts and you employment contracts adhere to the most recent trends in the IT industry.

Human Resource IT Specialist: Due to the importance and changing nature of IT jobs, it’s important to have someone familiar with IT handling the human resources for IT. The Human Resource IT Specialist deals with all aspects of human resource when it comes to IT.

Vital to this job is some sort of background in IT. Even though it is more of a HR specific position, someone without an IT background may have trouble meeting the needs and concerns of IT employees, and of the organization itself. A combination of HR and IT would be ideal from an educational standpoint. Knowing how to write code is not necessary, but having enough IT knowledge to recognize whether a particular individual would be beneficial from an IT standpoint to the company is vital.

Employment contracts and consulting contracts are essential for the Human Resource IT specialist. They must have knowledge of these contracts, and be able to negotiate on behalf of the company.

Why Contract With a Search Engine Optimization Company?

Since the emergence of the Internet in everyday society back in the early nineties there have been many new jobs and industries that have sprung up as vital internet commodities. One such component that you may have heard about if you are trying to increase the traffic that visits your website is SEO agencies. A seo company focuses on how to make your website appear at the top of search results on popular seo websites so that you can receive the highest amount of traffic for your specific area of concern.

In the last few years, SEO companies are actually one of the fastest growing companies to emerge on the Internet front as people are realizing that it is no longer enough to simply build website to get hits. Even the most attractive web design will not get much traffic without an extensive marketing campaign and a search engine optimization company is one major area of insider marketing.

This is because the people who work for these companies know the Internet environment and know how search engine spiders work. Thus, they know how to get you the ranking and the traffic you want which makes a great search engine optimization company an invaluable asset.

The basic role of a search engine optimization company in your online business is to come in and evaluate your website to ascertain why you are not reaching as many people as you hoped. Their experts will commonly ask for a description of your target audience and target keywords that you want to emphasize on your website. The search engine company will then get to work redesigning your website templates and appearance (known as organic SEO) and rearranging or adding content to your website to make it more appealing to search engines.

This process can often take months and even a few years to complete as most search engines will not even recognize changes that are made until a three month waiting period is finished. This is because they are checking to see if you constantly update your website or simply are using marketing tools.

Thus, in essence, an excellent search engine optimization company works best when it is issued a lengthy contract so that it can continue to provide maintenance and keep updating so that search engine spiders are satisfied. Since the internet continues to evolve and grow every day without constant SEO upkeep you will lose every bit of progress you make so finding a company you feel comfortable sticking with is as important as finding a product to market in the first place.

Benefits Of Contract IT Jobs and Why Companies Need Contract-Based Staff

Contract IT Jobs, as the name suggests, are IT jobs that companies are looking to hire on a contract basis. However, in terms of applying for contract jobs is not much different from applying for a permanent job. Many companies and organisations have separate agencies working for them that carry out recruitment issues on behalf of the company. Moreover, the internet has become a great source for almost any kind of information in the modern era, where the companies post contract IT Jobs on special forums and boards that are targeted specifically for IT related jobs. This makes it quite easier for job seekers, on a contract basis, to find various offers that suit their needs and qualifications. All one needs is to type in a specific IT related contract job keyword to refine their results more.

Moreover, those interested in contract IT Jobs in the initial stages of their career need to be mentally prepared about being flexible in terms of location of the workplace. This is particularly true because contract IT Jobs are more about getting quick experience and knowledge in various workplaces due to the short period of contracts. This provides great potential for growth in the career of the individuals according to their own personal preferences. Once they have enough experience and a range of skills, they can be more selective in terms of where they apply for the jobs.

As mentioned earlier, the contracts are generally for a short period of time that is about six to eight months. However, it all depends on the company’s requirements, thus it can be for a shorter term or longer term as well. Once the period is over, the employers can renew the contracts as well based on the performance of the person. If contracts are renewed, it provides great value in your resume. It shows that you are consistent in your work and performance, and valued by the organisation/employer.

Some more benefits of contract IT Jobs are that you get to work with a variety of employers due to its short-term. Moreover, there are hourly rates, which are often more than many permanent jobs on offer in the related field.

Many companies need contract IT jobs staff instead of permanent staff due to various reasons. Some of those reasons are that contract IT jobs are specific, and they bring in a lot more experience and skills due to the exposure of diverse work environments, which enables them to assist permanent staff in specific projects of the organization. Moreover, if a permanent staff were on a long leave, for example a maternity leave, then a contract-based job would be most beneficial to cover for those extended absences.

In conclusion, in the world of contract IT jobs, rates are often higher than permanent jobs, as these jobs are market-dependent and vary according to different companies and location.